Trillium Gardens was officially formed in 1998.

We are a company that prides itself in selling top quality plants at lower than average prices.We offer our customers a large range of the more unusual harder to find perennials.

Trillium Gardens purchases new plants to the trade from the top plant breeders in North America. In 1996 we won the "Golden Spade Award" for the best garden in the city in their Trillium Awards competition, this recognition and publicity planted the seed for Trillium Gardens. We started the retail side of the business by having weekend plant sales from our house garden and the wholesale side of the business from our greenhouse location. In April 2001, we opened our first retail commercial site at 154 Wharncliffe Road South, London, Ontario. The first three years at this location has been a tremendous success. Many thanks to the Wortley Village community which has been great in their support.

This year (2003) we experienced strong growth ,thanks to all of our Loyal and New customers. With this in mind we have made a business decision of focusing on our Retail Store and expanding our distribution of some of our Speciality Plants to other markets.

For the 2004 Gardening season mail orders will only be avaliable from the website, you will notice our withdrawel from advertising the mail order business in National Magazines.

We will have a paper copy of our Hosta List Available for those of you who would like one. We will also have a paper copy of plants that were ordered for 2004, this will contain a brief description and price.

Thank you for your continuing support and have a great Gardening season in 2004


Steve & Maritza Donnelly