Arrhenatherum:Bulbous Oat Grass
Compact clumps with green and white variegation, may brown out in the summer, sun to p.s., 30 cm.
Price: $ 2.49
 Ophiopogon Planiscapus Nigrescens, Black Mondo Grass
Nearly jet black leaves, this makes it a most unique speciman for edging or mass plantings, pale pink flowers are followed by black berries, slow grower, sun to p.s., 6" to 8".
Price: $ 12.95
Acorus Gram Variegatus
White striped Japanese sweet flag, green and white sword like foilage, 12", sun to p.s. moist to bog like soil.
Price: $ 4.95
Acorus Gram Oborozuki
Beautiful golden foliage, good marginal plant or moist soil, 10", sun to p.s..
Price: $ 5.95
 Calamagrostis Karl Foerster
Vertical feather reed grass, excellent golden flowers, sun , 4 to 5'.
Price: $ 7.95
 Calamagrostis Acutiflora Overdam
Foilage starts out with bright yellow margins that fade to white with a pink flush, clumping habit , sun, 4 to 5'. 2001 Perennial of the Year
Price: $ 7.95
Carex Muskingumensis(Palm Sedge)
Unusual tropical appearance, plants for graceful clumps of divided leaves, can be used as a bog plant, p.s., 14 to 24 inches.
Price: $ 2.95
 Carex "ice dance"
Compact tufts 1/2" wide dark green leaves with clear borders, p.s. to shade, 12".
Price: $ 7.95
 Carex Evergold
Pendulous creamy yellow blades with green margins p.s. to shade, 12".
Price: $ 6.95
 Carex Buchannii
Copper foilage that provides a striking contrast, Zone 6, sun to p.s., 2 to 3'.
Price: $ 6.95
 Carex Muskingumensis, Ice Fountains
Elegant branches of wispy white sway gently in the slightest breeze, likes moisture, sun to p.s., 30".
Price: $ 8.95
 Carex Flava Y2K
Hardy yellow striped foliage, p.s. to shade, 6 to 12".
Price: $5.95
 Deschampsia Northern Lights
Highly variegated leaves have a pink blush on new growth, p.s. to sun, 24"
Price: $7.95
 Elymus Magellanicus Y2K
Bright metallic blue foilage, sun, 18"
Price: $5.95
 Elymus Arenarius Glaucus
Metallic blue grey foilage creates an arching clump,sun, 2 to 3'
Price: $7.95
 Festuca Boulder Blue Y2K
From Colorado, the bluest fescue, sun , 8"
Price: $3.95


Festuca Golden Topuee
Golden foliage, 15", Sun (new)
Price: $5.00


 Festuca Ovina Skinners Blue
Very blue rounded tufts of thread like foliage, 8" to 12", sun, well drained soil.
Price: $ 2.49
 Festuca Glauca Elijahs Blue
Evenly rounded tufts of thin blue grass, one of bluest available, sun to p.s., 1 to 2'.
Price: $2.95
 Hakonechloa Macro
Green bamboo like foilage, p.s. 24".
Price: $6.95
 Hakonechloa Aureola
Golden foilage streak with green, requires moisture to retain color, p.s. 6".
Price: $9.95
 Helichtotrichon Saphirsprudel Y2K
Silver blue foilage, more vigorus and beautiful than sempervirens, sun, 24".
Price: $6.95
 Glyceria, variegated manna grass
Long narrow arching leaves with a creamy yellow variegation, loves moisture, sun, 24"
Price: $4.95
 Leymus Racemosus Glaucus
Metallic blue grey foilage, sun, 24 to 36"
Price: $6.95
Red Baron:Imperata
Bright red tips on green foliage makes for a dramatic groundcover, 12" to 18", sun to p.s..
Price: $ 4.95
Miscanthus Variegatus:Japanese Silver
White strips along the entire blade length, very graceful, one of the best 4 to 5 feet, sun to p.s.
Price: $ 7.95
 Miscanthus Sinensis Adagio
A superb dwarf maiden grass, sun to p.s., 2'.
Price: $ 7.95
 Miscanthus Sinensis Cabaret
Wide ribbon-like foilage, creamy white/green variegation, sun, 4 to 6'.
Price: $ 9.95
 Miscanthus Sinensis Cosmopolitan
Similar to Cabaret but with reversed variegation, sun, 4 to 6'.
Price: $ 9.95


Miscanthus Sinensis Floridulas
Huge, pale blue green foliage, leaf blades, 1.25 inches wide, great background or screen plant, 10'
Price: $ 9.95
 Miscanthus Sinensis Graziella
Rich green foilage, large white blooms in August, sun, 5 to 6'.
Price: $ 7.95


Miscanthus Sinensis Gracillimus
A large grass up to 6' tall with a thin leaf blade giving it a fine texture, grey green foliage forms a dense upright vase shape, pink flower heads, very striking.
Price: $ 7.95
 Miscanthus Sinensis Morning Light
Variegated maiden grass, silvery blooms in fall, sun, 3 to 4'.
Price: $ 7.95


Miscanthus Sinensis Puenktchen(NEW)
Little dot-a banded variegation similar to Strictus but with thinner, stiffer leaves, giving it a vey spikey texture
Price: $ 9.00
 Miscanthus Sinensis Sarabande
Fine silvery foliage , among the finest Miscanthus, sun, 4 to 6'.
Price: $ 7.95
 Miscanthus Sinensis Rotisilber
Silvery foliage with red flowers, sun, 4 to 7'.
Price: $ 7.95
 Miscanthus Strictus: Porcupine grass
Horizontal gold bar variegation, sun, 6 to 7'.
Price: $ 7.95
 Miscanthus Zebrinus, Zebra grass
Foliage has horizontal yellow stripes, arching habit, 5" to 7", sun to p.s..
Price: $ 7.95
Miscanthus Purpurascens
Reddish foliage becomes more intense as summer passes, cotton like plumes blooms in August, one of the best coloured Miscanthus, 3' to 4', sun.
Price: $ 7.95


Molinia Caerulea Variegata(NEW)
A most attractive addition to any border, creamy yellow white linear striped foliage, purple flowers, 14"
Price: $ 5.00
 Molinia Strahlenquelle
Compact foliage, fountain flowers, p.s. to sun, 24"
Price: $ 6.95
 Pancium Rotstrachlbush
Good red foliage, p.s. to sun, 36 to 48"
Price: $ 6.95
 Pancium Dallas Blues Y2K
Wide blue foliage, sun, 5'
Price: $ 7.95


Pancium Heavy Metal (NEW)
Stiff metallic blue leaves, pink flower, 36"
Price: $ 9.00


Pancium Virgatum Shenandoah(NEW)
This plant starts to turn red in June, Red flowers appear in the summer, 36"
Price: $ 7.95
 Pancium Prairie Sky
Hardy blue panic grass, sun, 4 to 5'.
Price: $ 6.95
 Pennisetum Alopecuroides
Green narrow leaves, lush arching foliage, sun, 4'
Price: $ 6.95
 Pennisetum a little bunny
Petite fountain grass, small fluffy white blooms, sun, 11".
Price: $ 6.95
 Pennisetum Hamelin:dwarf fountain grass
Blooms in late summer, sun, 1 to 2'
Price: $ 6.95
 Pennisetum Rubrum
Purple fountain grass, cascading purple foliage, sun, this is an annual in our climate, 3 to 4'.
Price: $ 6.95
 Sesleria Autumnalis
Bright yellow-green foliage, attractive white flowers, sun, 1 to 2'
Price: $ 5.95
 Sesleria Caurrulea:Blue moor grass
Flowers have a purple inflorescense, sun, 1 to 2'
Price: $ 5.95
Yellow Foxtail Grass
Bright yellow-green linear stripes on light green leaves, 12" tall, p.s.
Price: $ 3.95