Note that by listing these links, Trillium Gardens assumes no liability in the recommendation of any product, service or organization, nor does this constitute an endorsement. We encourage you to evaluate these resources yourself.


American Hosta Society - http://www.hosta.org

This group loves to share information about their favorite genus of shade perennial. Not only do they have great conventions with garden tours, but their journal is considered one of the finest plant society journals published.

The Arisaema Page - http://genesis.ne.mediaone.net/~ssh/arisaema

Roy Herold of Massachusetts has assembled the ultimate website for information about arisaemas including an incredible array of photographs and great information. If you like these plants, you will spend hours perusing this great site!

Canadian Gardens - http://www.canadiangardens.com/

Internet site for Canadian Gardens, it contains information on every aspect of gardening in Canada.

Emerald Coast Growers - http://webmaster@ecgrowers.com

Emerald Coast Growers produces superior quality starter plant material in "Large Plug" Liner trays. Their concentration is in the perennial market and includes the following products: ornamental grasses, hostas, daylilies and Louisiana Irises.

Fine Gardening Magazine - http://www.taunton.com

This Taunton Press publication has long been one of the standards for gardeners to read. Their policy of having gardeners write the articles instead of writers, sets FG apart from the rest.

ICanGarden.Com - http://www.icangarden.com/

A good internet resource for gardeners in Canada and abroad. Among other things, it includes articles, lists of gardens, clubs, and magazines; pointers to catalogs, areas of special interest, a calendar of events, and a nice climatic zone map of Canada.

Royal Horticulture Society - http://www.rhs.org.uk

The RHS is a valuable resource for their publication including the famed PlantFinder which is now on-line and can locate any saleable plant in the U.K. In addition, you can get the test results from the RHS trial garden...a fascinating site.

Organic Gardening Magazine - http://www.organicgardening.com

If you are tired of spraying and using far too many chemicals, you'll enjoy the site of our friends at Organic Gardening Magazine. PS: Did you know that we have practiced organic gardening in our display gardens for the last 7 years.

Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc. - http://www.terranovanurseries.com

One of the top plant bredders in North America. Terra Nova is constantly developing new plants for the gardening world. Trillium Gardens carries many of Terra Nova's new plants.

The Old Farmer's Almanac - http://www.almanac.com/

Since 1792, The Old Farmer's Almanac has published useful information for people in all walks of life: tide tables for those who live near the ocean; sunrise tables and planting charts for those who don't like the question of weather left up in the air.

Virtual Garden Time Life Complete Gardner Encyclopedia Search Page - http://www.vg.com/

An excellent site, this includes well written and organized gardening articles and a handy Toolshed section with the Time Life Complete Gardener Encyclopedia Search which lets you look up plants in a database of almost 3,000 species.